Which is Better for Apartment Dwellers – Slow Cookers or Electric Pressure Cookers/Multi-cookers?

If you’ve been on social media in the last year and a half, it’s hard to ignore the craze of electric pressure cookers and multi-cookers. Many of our residents at Legacy Court Apartments in Midvale wonder if they should indulge in the craze or stick to a good, old fashioned slow cooker. We put them to the test.
Slow cookers
Slow cookers are great for stew, chili, soup, and making roasts, etc. Some use them for baked potatoes, deserts, and even make homemade candy/caramel in their slow cookers. It is important to note that you should always use a meat thermometer when cooking with a slow cooker. Poultry and pork should be tested to ensure that they reach the safe and proper temperature. Pork can be eaten safely after it reaches at least 145 degrees and poultry must reach at least 165 degrees to be safe.
Benefits of a slow cooker
Slow cookers are easy to use, don’t use a lot of energy, and can be left cooking all day so that you return home to the aroma of a home-cooked meal. They are considerably less expensive than one of the new electric multi-cookers.
Cons of using a slow cooker
Slow cookers don’t do pasta particularly well, or some of the fancier dishes that the multi-cookers can. Cooking rice, making oatmeal, and hard boiled eggs is not really suited for a slow cooker. You can make homemade yogurt in a slow cooker, but it is not as straight forward as a yogurt maker or multi-cooker.
Electric pressure cookers/multi-cookers
There is a certain brand that has taken the world by storm with an almost cult-like following of aficionados. These machines have stringent safety features and many preset functions including cake, yogurt, sauté, beans, porridge, chili, etc. There are many different models, each with different functions. They are often heavier than a slow cooker and can intimidate people with their complexity.
Benefits of an electric pressure cooker/multi-cooker
These appliances are extremely versatile and will cook a meal in less time than a slow cooker. They make pasta, rice, oatmeal, cheesecakes (don’t get us started), can proof bread, hard boil eggs, etc. Let’s face it, they can do about everything but clean themselves up. Food can be cooked from frozen to table in a fraction of the time it would take to defrost and prepare traditionally.
Cons of an electric pressure cooker/multi-cooker
One of the most popular brands of these cookers has the word “instant” in its brand name and has caused some confusion. Since many people did not grow up with a pressure cooker, they are not aware of how these appliances work. In order to cook food, they must come to pressure, which can take 20-30 minutes or so, especially if the food is cold or frozen when it goes into the pot. After it comes to pressure, the lid is locked into place and the cycle begins. After the allotted time, pressure must be released before the lid will unlock. This can also take some time.
Even though the multi-cooker says that it can function of a slow cooker, there are mixed reviews on its efficacy in so doing.
What we found
We used them both and found them to be complementary to each other. Having both of them can be space prohibitive for many. You can find a wheeling cart to hold these appliances in your kitchen in your Legacy Court apartments in Midvale, Utah.
It should be noted that the electric pressure cookers are expensive. They go on sale around holidays, but those looking for a budget friendly appliance may prefer a slow cooker.

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